Shooting hard

Hello guys, its really been a tough time for me and thats why i haven’t been writing for a while now. I have taken series of photographs is the past weeks if not months and i will love to drop some of my favourite for you guys to feed your eyes a little.

The plantain and sky vibe
The mango, coconut and sky vibe
Wear and tear in life
This blue is a color that suites my soul
The main aim it to showcase composition

Yamaha in the making

These powerful bikes are manufactured by the Yamaha company, of course you know that company very well.

The bike has this attractive and aesthetic color pattern, a nice neon green mixed with yellow.. I was in the car when I saw these bikes along the road while driving in Victoria Island 🏝 Lagos, Nigeria 🇳🇬.

At first my elder sis saw them first and she was like, “wow they are so beautiful, look at them, the colors” 😊.. I had to turn and I saw all the same things she admired so we had to stop to have a pretty close look, of course I don’t miss taking shots of whatever that attracts the eyes..

I made these shots and they look very popping and amazing in my lens.

I will post the actual shots and the edited so you can see the beauty in both

These are the actual photographs before editing

These are the edited photographs

The beach vibe

I want to share the works I did last weekend when I went to the beach with my family. Landmark beach, Lagos state, Nigeria 🇳🇬

These photograph were made out of simple moments I cared and watched curiously. It’s not easy shooting kids with all their sharp movements and playful attitudes. You will need to work with high shutter speeds to get desired results.

But I am happy they all came out very nice and lovely.

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